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Software Development

Today, technology is a key business component that determines survivability and growth for companies. We are a technology company with a range of services, pre-built sales and marketing components, integration components and hosting services to help companies to fully leverage technology and data to accelerate their growth.

Our development team uses building blocks from Microsoft’s Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) development and hosting environment. The Azure platform offers the ability to capture events, process streaming data, merge data, analyze it and feed it into a machine learning server to produce results that will drive up business performance. All this can be accomplished quickly and economically with the ability to re-engineer the architecture to support changing requirements.

We will put our 30 plus years of software development experience to work for you to build any type of application to run on pretty much any platform. More importantly the delivery models that we offer create complete transparency and our delivery based payment structure reduces the risk to you.

Develop and Train Customer Service & MArketing Bots

Conversational user interafaces and messaging bots are the new trend to communicate with your customers and are also effective in delivering sales and marketing messages.

We build custom bots that will meet the needs of your target audience and have intelligent conversation with your audience. These chat bots are integrated with Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms. We use actual recorded conversations to train the bots and give you the ability to test before launching. The bot training is designed so that the bots understand and communicate real situations that have been encountered by your customer service reps. We can also incorporate a self learning process so that the bots can learn from their experience

The bots can also be designed to send back clickable buttons and other interactive content.

All bot conversations are stored, analyzed and when needed passed on to human agents.

Data Management Platform

Most companies cannot take advantage of their business data because it’s locked away in separate databases, in application silos or is incomplete.

CItech has built a flexible, scalable, secure and robust Data Management Platform which can receive data from multiple on-premise or cloud based applications.

We can use our pre-built scripts and API's or can custom develop them to integrate, augment and cleanse all your data.

For a Marketing Transformation, our Master Data Management services include:

  1. Load data from your internal on-premise apps (CRM, Accounting, etc.)
  2. Load data from your cloud based apps
  3. Integrate data from 3rd parties to fill in any holes in the Record
  4. Analyze for variety and veracity
  5. Data quality and cleansing

Populating the DMP is the first step towards transforming your marketing and business activities into truly data-driven company. We will create a background process to integrate, synch and keep the data current so that it’s not a productivity drain on the client.

Agile Methodology

Our goal is to be consistently successful and meet or exceed our client’s expectations. In order to accomplish our goal, whenever possible, we use the Agile Development Methodology and involve the client in every step during the design, development, testing and implementaion phase.

This allows us to ensure that we are building a solution that meets the client’s need during the process and not have to wait until the end to make adjustments.

Development and Delivery Models

As our client’s outsourced software development partner, we recognize that every client is different and every project is different therefore we offer multiple development and delivery models. Regardless of which model is chosen, the goal is to deliver a quality product which is on time and on or under budget.

We offer the following development models to our clients:

  1. Onsite development at the Client's site
  2. Offsite development at our offices
  3. A hybrid model with development at Client’s site and our site
  4. Staff augmentation model where we provide temporary development resources to fill any gaps in your project team

We also offer different cost-of-ownership models based on our client’s desire to own the rights to the code, re-use of our proprietary code or a revenue sharing model.

Lastly, we provide hosting services (SaaS) for any application we develop including the Data Management Platform we build with the Data Modeling/Machine Learning/Predictive scoring . All hosting is done with the highest level of security using Azure or AWS cloud service providers.

Cloud Hosted

We use Microsoft's powerful cloud service, Azure, as our hosting service provider. It not only provides a secure and scalable hosting environment but also development tools that make it easier for developing, testing and deploying systems.

Using Azure provided building blocks we can easily assemble complex applications. Our developers can quickly put together prototypes of apps for your review and approval. For our client, this means the ability to respond quickly to changing business requirements and economical development costs.

Need a closed loop data driven application that is responding to events? Now you don't have to get into month's and years of software development cycles. Let us show you how we can do it far more quickly and at a fraction of what you think it will cost. We build solutions which can be easily re-architected or re-arranged based on business changes.

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