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Pre-built Reports

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Reporting Dashboards

We offer great data visualization and reporting dashboards with unique conversational capabilities to provide KPI’s, charts and data tables so clients can see relevant information and make better business decisions. The dashboards and reports can be viewed on any device and also delivered via email links.

The reports in the dashboard will connect to data regardless of where it’s located and provide answers in real-time so users can turn the insight into smart business decisions.

We offer a pre-built dashboard that can be customized and/or configured for your needs. The reports that are displayed are database driven and can be controlled by user access levels. However, if the dashboard we offer does not meet your needs, we can build a custom dashboard based on your design.

Pre-built Reports

We have created a number of pre-built reports that connect to the Data Management Platform which accumulates data from a number of sources like your CRM, marketing systems, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, 3rd party demographic and firmographic info and other systems.

These pre-built reports relate to marketing campaigns, web traffic, analysis of sales data, funnel analysis, attribution, ROI, events, revenue management, journey maps and many more.

Custom Reports

Every business is unique and has its own custom data that has to be reported in a special way.

Our developers can create custom reports to meet your special needs using data visualization tools and data connectors. The tools we use allow us to build the reports quickly and easily modify them so they are a perfect fit for your business.

Agile Methodology

Our goal is to be consistently successful and meet or exceed our client’s expectations. In order to accomplish our goal, whenever possible, we use the Agile Development Methodology and involve the client in every step during the design, development, testing and implementaion phase.

This allows us to ensure that we are building a solution that meets the client’s need during the process and not have to wait until the end to make adjustments.

Development and Delivery Models

As our client’s outsourced software development partner, we recognize that every client is different and every project is different therefore we offer multiple development and delivery models. Regardless of which model is chosen, the goal is to deliver a quality product which is on time and on or under budget.

We offer the following development models to our clients:

  1. Onsite development at the Client's site
  2. Offsite development at our offices
  3. A hybrid model with development at Client’s site and our site
  4. Staff augmentation model where we provide temporary development resources to fill any gaps in your project team

We also offer different cost-of-ownership models based on our client’s desire to own the rights to the code, re-use of our proprietary code or a revenue sharing model.

Lastly, we provide hosting services (SaaS) for any application we develop including the Data Management Platform we build with the Data Modeling/Machine Learning/Predictive scoring . All hosting is done with the highest level of security using Azure or AWS cloud service providers.

Awesome reporting dashboards for all your reporting needs

Viewable on all devices

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