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Marketing Transformation

Implementing, configuring and operating Marketing Automation systems is not easy. It requires the right type of resources, a lot of proactive planning, integration of data and sometimes additional development to make it successful. Automation is being fueled by cloud based tools and cloud infrastructure (Platform as a Service or PaaS). However, the complexity of these types of systems and the lack of skilled resources is holding companies back on widespread adoption.

We offer services for end-to-end systems integration and apps to automate your business processes to help your digital transformation journey.

Marketing Automation ("MA") is a subset of Marketing Transformation and although it has become ubiquitous, most companies are not enjoying the full benefits which is affecting their sales and revenue growth.

We bring to you our experience in creating an MA strategy that will implement event and data driven smart campaigns and a process for timely notifications.

We will work with your MA application but in case it’s not working for you we have own proprietary marketing automation application ( which we can customize for your specific needs.

Smart Marketing Campaigns

Today’s marketing requires leveraging a mix of data aggregation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, auto-timing message delivery, channel selection, auto generation of relevant content and last but not the least conversion management and attribution. These myriads of factors can be grouped into data, technology, automation and reporting categories.

There has been a massive explosion of technologies that are available to marketers. However, expertise is a major limitation to transform technology and data into an actionable strategy to improve engagement and increase revenue.

Citech has used its experience in data, emerging technologies, automation and cloud platforms to create B2B and B2C Smart Marketing Campaign Flows which are customizable, scalable and easy to implement for any type of product or service and company size.

Data Management Platform

Most companies cannot take advantage of their business data because it’s locked away in separate databases, in application silos or is incomplete.

Citech has built a flexible, scalable, secure and robust Data Management Platform which can receive data from multiple on-premise or cloud based applications.

We can use our pre-built scripts and API's or can custom develop them to integrate, augment and cleanse all your data.

For a Marketing Transformation, our Master Data Management services include:

  1. Load data from your internal on-premise apps (CRM, Accounting, etc.)
  2. Load data from your cloud based apps
  3. Integrate data from 3rd parties to fill in any holes in the Record
  4. Analyze for variety and veracity
  5. Data quality and cleansing

Populating the DMP is the first step towards transforming your marketing and business activities into truly data-driven company. We will create a background process to integrate, synch and keep the data current so that it’s not a productivity drain on the client.

Data Augmentation

Prospect and lead data is never complete and you don’t want your sales team to spend time looking for the additional information they need to make contact. You also don’t want marketing to launch campaigns based on incomplete data.

We will use our pre-built API’s and data vendor relationships to automatically plug the holes in your data and have it complete and ready for your sales and marketing. All this happens behind the scenes, however, you are still in control because we allow you customize and configure which data points to include in the augmentation process and how many records you would like updated so you stay within your budget.

Data Consolidation

Your prospect and customer data may be stored in multiple databases across many applications. Data needs to be consolidated so you can get a complete picture of your prospects and customers profiles, their journey, experience, life time value and sales opportunities are all important and can only be available if the data is consolidated.

We will use its integration API technology stack to bring all your data together and tie to advanced analytics, extensive reporting, segmentation and feed it back to sales, marketing and other relevant systems.


One way to get data to work for you is using granular segmentation. The process should be easy for the user and be done via a friendly user interface. Alternatively we can use analytics to determine clustering and provide recommendations based on what the data is telling us.

Segmentation can also be done using the Predictive Scoring models based on fit, propensity and lifetime value, amongst other vertical industry specific attributes and events.

We offers a user friendly segmentation user interface and has pre-built data models. These can be modified to fit your requirements without having to develop models from scratch.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Data Analytics has multiple definitions and has a different meaning based on your vertical, size of your business and many other factors. Our approach to data analytics is very client specific. We look at what it means for your business and how it can help you grow and which models will be be a good fit.

Once a suitable data analytics scenario is identified, we will use our pre-built servers pre-loaded with data analytics and machine learning models. We load your data and add the training data for the model to start working. Clients can choose from different algorithms like linear regression, Bayesian methods, decision tree regression, etc. Our models also provide for anomaly detections and supervised and unsupervised learning.

The models are also capable of Natural Language Processing and discovering intent from any given text. This feature allows us to analyze and identify intent which can then be used in customizable user experience, business decisions and reputation management.

All these capabilities allow us to build data driven event-oriented applications all hosted in the cloud while you focus on using the intelligence to improve the process flow of your business.

Predictive Scoring

Most marketing automation systems use behavior based scoring which has its value, however, using data analytics to predict future behavior and propensity to purchase your product can give higher results. We will use your first party data, 3rd party demographic and firmographic data and 3rd party intent data (when available) to feed the appropriate data modelling algorithm for predictive scoring.

The combination of demographic and firmographic fit, internal behavior signals and external intent info provides an accurate predictive score which allows you to target your best leads with customized marketing messages and sales contacts.

We can help by using predictive scoring to find net new leads for you with high predictive scores to help you close them faster.

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