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To help our clients with all their software development needs to innovate and transform their business to fully leverage digital technologies and data oriented applications.

Our Value Proposition

We bring a unique value proposition to our clients: Experience in Software Development, Data Management and Automation.


Achieve customer-centricity by integrating, augmenting, and consolidating data into a robust Data Management Platform.


Today’s technology has to be nimble and agile. We build and host software that can adapt quickly and continuously to your business needs.


Automation is becoming pervasive but is still very much under-utilized. We help you overcome the barriers related to complexity, missing skills and most importantly data utilization.


We offer services to help you create systems/applications which are cloud based, fast to implement and easy to use because we believe that complex problems should not require complex solutions.

Software Development

We specialize in developing custom, nimble, software built just the cloud. Our experience includes multiple languages, frameworks and agile development methodologies to meet all your needs.

Data Integration & Analytics

Consolidate and augment your data to create a 360 degree view. Use data for customer listening, real-time decision making, and direct response and find qualified net new leads.

Marketing Transformation

We help your journey from "Marketing Automation" to "Marketing Transformation" leveraging Marketing which is intelligent, event oriented and Data Driven.

Staff Augmentation

Citech Corp. provides candidates of the highest caliber that will fit well in your team. We are a full service firm and offer Contract/Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire services.

Conversational User Experience

Intelligent conversational Bots, dynamic landing pages, omni-channel customized messages and customizable websites: all driven by natural language understanding and intelligence.

Reporting Dashboards

We design Conversational Dashboards that you can configure using natural language so you see what is relevant and important, what to do about it and how to do it.


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